Mobilise Remedial Massage

Mobilise Remedial Massage Therapy uses advanced remedial massage techniques to treat body pain and dysfunction. Our Therapists assess, manage and treat your musculoskeletal issue and support your rehabilitation.

Address: Suite 7, Level 1, Toowong Terraces, 31 Sherwood Rd, Toowong Qld, 4066

Phone: (07) 3870 5990

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Monday to Friday: 9am to 5.30pm
Saturday:                   9am to 3.00pm

Contact: Use this contact form.

Assessment and Diagnosis:
During your initial appointment, your therapist will orthapaedically assess your complaint and any relevant postural / movement issues.

Massage Techniques:
Primarily, Musculoskeletal Remedial Massage uses advanced massage techniques to relieve pain and help you correct joint and soft tissue problems.

Other Treatment Methods Include:

  • Trigger Point Therapy – static pressure on tight muscle sections to affect the muscle, nerve and connective tissues.
  • Stretch Techniques – muscle energy techniques that can stretch the tissues through the use of isometric pressure.
  • Mobilisation – the use of oscillatory motion to stretch joint capsules and increase nutrient access to joints.
  • Rehabilitative Exercise Prescription – to aid in tissue healing and biomechanical/postural correction.
  • Myofascial Release – slow, deep techniques addressing connective tissue dysfunction.
  • Hydrotherapy – the use of heat or cold compresses to either stimulate or decrease blood to an affected area.
  • Strapping, theroband, cupping and other orthopaedic devices can be used to aid healing.

Mobilise Remedial Massage Rates

  • One hour session (including assessment): $80
  • Half hour session: $50

Methods of Payment

  • Eftpos
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Cash

Health Fund Rebates:
Our practitioners are registered with all major Australian Health Insurers as Remedial Massage Providers.

Please check with your health insurance fund to ensure you are covered for Remedial Massage.

We also provide an immediate electronic rebate system.
Mobilise Remedial Massage Therapy can help you with many conditions including:

  • Headache / Migraine
  • Repetitive Stress
  • Injury
  • Sports Injuries
  • Neck Pain
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Postural Dysfunction

Pre & Post Natal Care:

  • Back Pain / Spasm
  • Poor Work Ergonomics
  • Autoimmune Condition Management