“Bye Bye” Retailers: Our Favourite Shops Leave T.V.

Renovations have started on the $50 M Toowong Village Transformation, which commenced in January. However the reno’s have meant a number of our favourite and useful shops have had to close their doors – and not just temporarily.

Amongst the businesses that are reportedly not coming back are:

  • Toowong Jewellers
  • Toowong Post Office
  • Diva
  • Robins Kitchen
  • Rebecca’s Lingerie
  • Liz Davenport

Other shops on the eastern side are closed during the renovations and will be open afterwards, including Wallace Bishop.

Shops that remain open are Fruity Capers, Coles, K-mart, Terry White Chemists, Zarraffas, Telstra, Vodafone, Optus, Conner, Cue, Stefan, Sports Girl, DJ’s, Daisy’s Florist, Ella Bache, Toowong Library, S&S Hair and Beauty, Pillow Talk, Persian Bazar, OPSM, BWS, Mister Minit, EB Games, Happy Foot Massage, Zombster, Sizzler and others.

All the shops in the food court appear to be open, although around one third of the seating area has been closed off due to the site works, so it can be a bit tricky finding a seat at lunch time.

The toilets near Terry White Chemist are closed during renovations, with the only other set of toilets on the ground level at the back of the food court.

Various ATM’s including one from Suncorp and Bank of Qld have been shut down, or are not reliably available at this time.

There are apparently 10.6 Million annual shoppers at the Village, and with the renovations it “is expected to become a high-end shopping hub.”

The Facebook hashtag for news updates and the like is #yourvillageistransforming, although it appears that the only thing that they are reporting is the number of car parking spaces available on the upper level. “There are currently 114 car park spaces available on the upper levels.” Updates are occasionally posted on the Facebook webpage.

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